Who is HandsOn designed for?

The HandsOn app was designed for small business owners who manage clients and/or appointments. The app is ideally suited for massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, small clinics, at-home service providers (such as house cleaners or lawn services), music teachers, physical fitness/personal trainers, and similar businesses who work with clients to provide a service.
If you visit your clients, there is even an integrated map-it feature to get you there!

How does it work?

Once you go through the simple set up process, your client billings are automatically created based on your standard set of services as your calendar appointments occur. For instance, if you have a 60 minute appointment, scheduled for today at 10 a.m. with Frank Smith, an invoice is automatically created as soon as the appointment occurs!

Starting Out with HandsOn

We recommend that you start by setting up the various components about you and your business under the "My Business" section. This will get the HandsOn app working in a way that you like. Make sure that you check the My Settings are all the way you would like to operate your business. Under My Services, you can set up all your standard service offerings that are used in your client billings.

Adding Clients

You can manually add clients one at a time under the "My Clients" section by selecting the "Add New Client" button. Add as much or little information as you like. Your clients section include full appointment history and notes! If you subscribe to the full version of HandsOn, you can also add/upload a larger group of clients to your profile by using the template available once you have logged in and go to the upload section.

I only have 10 client records…why?

The free version of the app allows you to access 10 client records. To get full access to more clients, including secure back-up, multiple device use and email messaging services, please subscribe to the full version under the "Account Settings" section.

What are “Accounts” for and how do I change them?

Under the "My Business" section, select the "My Settings" button. In this section you will be able to update the various settings you use in the app, as well as add or edit the "Accounts" you use in the "My Services" section and for reporting purposes.
Accounts are groupings you can use for your books and records for tracking different types of items you earn, such as sales or services, an admin fee and to track any sales taxes that you may charge. E ach Account shows up separately in your reporting.

How to use the HandsOn App…

The HandsOn app is meant to help you manage your client record keeping, your appointment calendar and the billings aspect of your business life. Once you have set up the various aspects under the "My Business" section, you can add clients and then use the calendar function to make appointments and create invoices. If you have created a standard set of items under "My Services", these can be used to automatically create the invoices when creating calendar appointments. Once the appointment occurs, an invoice is automatically created!

How do I quickly add an appointment to My Calendar?

Go to the date and time you have your scheduled appointment, then push and hold for 2 seconds – the new calendar entry section will appear with that date and time!

How do I check who has been billed?

Under the "My Finances" section, you can review your outstanding invoices by selecting "OUTSTANDING" under the invoices section.  Here you can also create new invoices or edit any existing invoices.  Invoices are automatically created based on your calendar appointments and will show up in the search parameters once the date and time have passed.

I don't issue invoices, just receipts. What now?

The HandsOn system automatically creates invoices as part of the billings process…but don't worry, you don't need to send them to your clients (there are options under the My Settings section).  An invoice is just the HandsOn App’s way of creating a record for your reporting and payment tracking activities.

How do I apply a payment to create a receipt?

Before a receipt can be issued, you will need to apply a payment to an outstanding invoice that you manually create or is created as part of the calendar appointment process.   Once you have an invoice, go to the outstanding invoices and select the appropriate invoice.  Then apply your payment in the appropriate section and a receipt is automatically created and sent to your client’s email address.


The HandsOn app includes a set of standard reports so that you can see what is going on in your business.

Need some more help?  Have more questions? 

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