New Release!

Fantastic new features and upgrades including:

  • Send a global email to all your clients (in the Client > Options section) - let them know about new services, office hours etc.
  • Employees (in the My Business section): New functionality for employees of your business - book employee appointments, manage employees, distinct billings, unique service options, etc.
  • All the great existing functionality to include employee management
  • Calendar appointment recurrence options increased (in the New Appointment section)
  • Your logo now appears on reports (in My Finances)
  • And more...have a look!

Need to resend a receipt or an invoice?

Under the My Finances section, select outstanding invoices. Expand the date range to include the date of the previous appointments for which you would like to send and click the check box for "Include paid and void invoices" under the date range. The previously paid invoices will then be included in your list. Select the appropriate invoice, and the invoice/receipt details will appear. Then select "View Invoice" and you can then email it again.

Keeping your Client Info tidy

While the HandsOn app allows quick and easy billing based on your calendar, it also has some great client management tools.  Of course it has the usual client details such as name, address, and contact information, but you can also keep emergency contact information. track medical, insurance or similar information, take and store images of client intake forms or other documents, make and track notes by date and view your client's appointment history.  Lets also not forget the handy MapIt function, so that you can map your client's address to help get you there on time if you are making a house call and if you are forgetful like us - take a picture of your client!

HandsOn app automatically creates and invoices your clients when calendar appointments occur

Did you know that the HandsOn app automatically creates and invoices your clients when calendar appointments occur? Just set your appointment with a predefined service and presto - automatic invoice sent to your client! Need to make a change - no worries. Go to the My Finance section, search through your outstanding invoices and edit as needed. The HandsOn app was designed for your small business. The app is being used by massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists, small clinics, at-home service providers (such as house cleaners or lawn services), music teachers, physical fitness/personal trainers, and similar businesses who work with clients to provide a service. Have feedback? Let us know and we'll see what we can do. A new release is currently being worked on.

Custom Billing Flexibility

In setting up your billings, you have the flexibility of adding various services and/or fees on an invoice, then providing a subtotal, followed by any sales taxes. These are especially helpful when you have a recurring invoice to the same or many clients. See depiction below which can be set up in "My Services", under the My Business section of the app.

Over 1000 Downloads of the app

Exciting news we have over 1000 downloads in the Apple appstore. In the next version we will have a way to email all of your clients a general email, for exampel holiday hours, specials etc..

Hands On App released

Hi the app has been approved in the iTunes App Store. We have released version 1.2. Dont forget to submit your entry for our free iPad give away Good luck to all in the contest!

Good luck to all in the contest!